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Stamping - progressive, transfer and blanking with press sizes up to 1600 ton >> more
Machining - casting, screw machine parts and 3D milling >> more
Welding & Assembly - robotic welding, resistance welding and complex assemblies >> more
Metal Spinning - engine, Idler, drive and poly-v pulleys >> more
Tooling - in-house design and construction along with low cost country-tooling resources >> more
Engineering & Development - metal forming expertise, part development, and product and program management services >> more

Shaping the future of metalworking excellence.

The McGregor Metalworking Companies offer a variety of metalworking specialties with a strong reputation for supply chain integration, quality, dependability and integrity.  We are ISO & TS-16949 certified.  Some of our capabilities include: Metal stamping, metal spinning, machining, robotic welding, assembly tool & die design and manufacturing.

  • Metal stamping: progressive, transfer and blanking capabilities up to 1,600 tons
  • Metal spinning: split steel pulleys of v-groove and poly-v configuration
  • Machining: Multi-spindle screw machines, CNC lathes and vertical and horizontal machining centers in volumes from 100 to 1 million EAU
  • Welding: resistance, robotic MIG and spot welding
  • Assembly: forming, piercing, swaging and riveting
  • Tool and die: In-house design and construction along with low cost country-tooling resources

A leading North American manufacturer of sprockets, pulleys and motor laminations


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