Quality. Precision. Family.

Our five companies make metal work for you.

Engineering & Development

Before we craft a single part, we start with design. We devote enormous time and energy into engineering of the production strategy and development of the process each part will undergo to take shape, meet your requirements, and integrate with your supply chain.

Family built.

Family is at the heart of our operations. We employ about four hundred people and invest in their lives with enhanced training, health care and family events. We are constantly challenging them to skillfully produce, artfully craft, and deliver metal formed products to your exact specifications.

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Award-Winning Quality

The McGregor Metalworking companies have delivered award-winning quality to our customers for over 50 years.

Why McGregor?

We make metal work.

From engineering & design to progressive stamping, leveling or blanking, transfer stamping, machining, metal spinning, tool and die manufacturing, to welding and assembly. Our depth of metal processing talent is unsurpassed in the industry so our craftsman can handle your most challenging projects.